Secretary of Education's Back-To-School Letter Supports Evaluation that's "Beyond the Bubbles"

On August 21st, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan posted a letter addressing concerns from teachers and parents about the focus of schools on testing and test preparation. In the post, the Secretary briefly outlines his proposals to offer an optional moratorium for states on including certain test results with teacher evaluations. 

In addition, the Secretary briefly discusses the importance of meaningful assessment, stating: “Many educators, and parents, have made clear that they’re supportive of assessment that measures what matters – but that a lot of tests today don’t do that – they focus too much on basic skills rather than problem solving and critical thinking. That’s why we’ve committed a third of a billion dollars to two consortia of states working to create new assessments that get beyond the bubble test, and do a better job of measuring critical thinking and writing.”

Finally, Secretary Duncan appears to support eliminating duplicative and redundant testing.  Do you think the time is right for better progress towards teacher and student evaluation systems that make sense? What’s your opinion? Let us know!

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