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Tri-M is designed to showcase student musician scholars in grades 6-12. The program emphasizes the value of music instruction in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Join more than 5,000 chapters around the world in recognizing students for academic and musical achievements, rewarding their accomplishments and service activities, and inspiring other students to excel at music and leadership.

Have you started a Tri-M Chapter or renewed your existing chapter for the 2014-2015 school year? If you haven’t, now is the best time to do so!  By applying and starting now, you’ll give your chapter the maximum amount of time to foster student leadership, organize community based events, and further music education. We here at the National Association for Music Education want to help make sure your chapter starts off the year as smoothly as possible!  We have a Learning Guide to provide information to prospective Tri-M Chapters, and a Quick-Start Guide to help your chapter get your chapter up and running!  The Quick-Start Guide provides you with ceremony templates, Tri-M student standards, project ideas, and more to help guide your chapter.


At the end of each school year, NAfME offers six Chapter of the Year scholarships, three for senior level and three for junior level chapters, to the hardest working and most impressive chapters.  Last year’s winner, Prospect Mountain High School from New Hampshire, won a $1,000 scholarship and stated:

They Intend to use the funds to, “offset the cost of a trip for members of Tri-M to the All Eastern Division NAFME conference where Tri-M workshops are being offered.” They feel that the All-Eastern Division NAFME conference would, “Benefit our chapter to assist with fresh, new ideas and a renewed sense of community amongst the Tri-M chapters.”

– Prospect Mountain High School, New Hampshire 

Tri-M also offers opportunities to foster student leadership, and strengthen their community through activities from their chapter. The music honor society is tiered in leadership positions (president, vice-president, treasurer, etc.).  This teaches students the values of how they can lead others, and also shows them where their strengths lie!  Once they settle into these leadership roles, they can begin organizing events, in their school, their community, or even other Tri-M Chapters!  Some chapters lead food drives, others perform in retirement homes, the list of activities is ever-growing, and we encourage chapters to keep expanding that list.


We sincerely hope you’ll start/renew a chapter this year, and we implore you to submit a Chapter of the Year application at the end of the year!.  If there’s something we here at Tri-M love the most, it’s seeing what our chapters are doing in their community and how they’re growing as chapters!

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