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Tri-M Logo and Brand Use Guidelines

Important Trademark Notice

The Tri-M® Music Honor Society logo and the name Tri-M® are federally registered trademarks that are owned by the National Association for Music Education. These marks may not be used in any manner or for any purpose, including online, in print, or on any merchandise, without our prior written authorization.

To seek authorization to use the Tri-M® Music Honor Society logo or the name Tri-M®, please email with a summary of your request along with a photograph or online mockups of the proposed use. Our marks can never be modified, altered, or changed in any fashion due to our legal responsibilities as a trademark owner. Any requests to do any of those things will be automatically rejected.

Unless prior written permission has been first obtained from Tri-M ® chapters or other third parties should not:

  1. Make any commercial use of its mark or any marks confusingly similar to any NAfME marks;
  2. Register, warehouse, or use any domain names or URLs containing any of its marks or any confusingly similar marks;
  3. Use NAfME marks for merchandising, marketing, and/or promotional purposes, e.g., T-shirts, caps, bags, flags, pins, buttons, etc.;
  4. Use NAfME marks in any unauthorized co-branding or co-marketing campaigns;
  5. Use or register any NAfME marks containing, in whole or part, any of its marks or any confusingly similar marks;
  6. Make any changes to the way NAfME marks are depicted;
  7. Use NAfME marks in combination with other marks or logos;
  8. Create any marks derived from, based on, or including some or all of any NAfME marks;
  9. Use NAfME marks in a manner that disparages NAfME or any of its goods or services and is not clearly a parody; and
  10. Use NAfME marks in a title or metatag of a Web page whose sole intention or result is to influence search engine rankings or results listings, rather than for discussion or advocacy.
  11. NAfME should reserve the right to request changes as necessary to protect its marks.


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