Why I’m Glad That I Participated In My School’s Music Program

Many people are exposed to music daily, whether they listen to it on the radio, if they go out on a Friday night and the DJ is playing their favorite song, or an artist drops a huge album randomly one day. Music is all around us and, thankfully, I have a great appreciation for all types of music.




1. It helped me find my passion.

Currently, I am pursuing my degree in Music Education. Without music classes, I would have never been exposed to the amazing opportunities that I have been given through music. I started playing violin in fourth grade, and I have been playing it for 12 years. Throughout this time, I have had many leadership opportunities, I received awards and scholarships, and I am currently in a special program at my university that gives me teaching experience before some of my other colleagues. If I did not decide to pick up a violin so long ago, I have no idea where I would be right now.

2. It helped me make friends.

Being in an ensemble (whether you are in band, choir, or orchestra), you spend a lot of  time with the same people. You spend hours in rehearsal and on buses going to competitions and performances. Some of these people can grow to become your closest friends. I met my current best friend in marching band (we were both in color guard), and we are both thankful for it bringing us together. Even now, in my time at university, some of my closer friends are ones who I met in my ensembles.

3. The teachers were supportive.

Every music teacher who I had in my K-12 schooling was always so supportive of my dream to become a music teacher. They were all top-notch educators, and I wanted to be just like them. Three of my music teachers are actually graduates of my current school (Bowling Green State University), so they were definitely a huge inspiration to me. Another teacher of mine won a Grammy for Music Educator of the Year, and yet another is known as one of the best music teachers in the state. Having them pave the way for my future teaching career was great, and I still go back to them for advice and opportunities.

Music inspires so many students to do what they love, and that’s what I want to do with my future profession.

4. It has inspired many other people.

I am one of those cases where I made music my career. There are other people who also love music, but who may want to study engineering or business. Music can still inspire many students to excel and achieve all that they can do, musically and academically. There are cases of students who only come to school because of the music program that was offered. The same goes for art programs as well. If the school were to take out the programs that students loved, they would no longer come to school. Music inspires so many students to do what they love, and that’s what I want to do with my future profession.

Music in the schools is more than just a pathway for a performer to make it to the Berlin Philharmonic. Music teaches many life skills for students of all ages. It helps kids form social skills, develop leadership skills, and use both sides of their brain. So, support the music programs in your local school systems. Allow the children to become the best version of themselves that they can be.


About the author:

Image via The Odyssey Online
Image via The Odyssey Online

Charlotte Hands is a NAfME Collegiate Member, she is “passionate about Jesus, cats, a good chord progression, and Skyline Chili.”

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