MIOSM® and Advocacy

Welcome to the MIOSM® and Advocacy webpage. Below are resources and tips to gain support for music education during Music In Our Schools Month®.

How to Get a Resolution or Proclamation Passed

The passage of a proclamation or resolution in recognition of Music In Our Schools Month is a great way to bring public awareness to the importance of music education in our schools. To determine whether a proclamation or resolution is needed depends on the group or organization that you plan to work with.

A resolution often comes from a group or organization that is governed as a collective. Legislative bodies, school boards, parent teacher associations, or town councils can make resolutions. Proclamations, however, can be made by decision makers who do not require others to make an executive decision, such as a governor, principal, or mayor.

2023 Sample Resolution

2023 Sample Proclamation

Below are tips on how to navigate the process of getting a resolution or proclamation passed.

  1. Identify the decision-maker(s) that you want to work with to pass the resolution or proclamation.
  2. Brainstorm with other advocates to write the resolution/proclamation. See samples above. Things to keep in mind:
    1. What is the end goal of the proclamation/resolution?
    2. Who is affected by the proclamation/resolution (a single school, whole school district, entire state, etc.)
  3. Introduce yourself to the decision-maker(s)
    1. If you are unable to directly connect with the decision-maker(s), try connecting with an assistant, secretary, educational liaison, or another point of contact.
  4. Find out what support/help your contact can provide
  5. Present your resolution to the person you believe will be most helpful in “shepherding” the project along.
    1. This will most likely be the point of contact you were able to get in touch with from step 3.
  6. Be open to re-wording your resolution/proclamation, if necessary, as long as the outcome is still valuable.
  7. Follow your resolution/proclamation as it goes through the process of being accepted. Be prepared to show local support (phone bank, letter campaign, etc.) in case there are obstacles that would hinder the resolution/proclamation from being passed.


Utilizing Media Platforms

 Utilizing print and electronic media to advocate for music education enables your message to reach a larger audience.

Print Media:

Flyers, newsletters, community or service organization bulletins, newspapers, and magazines are effective ways to engage your audience. Music educators, consider putting advocacy inserts inside concert programs:

Parents or Community members- Consider posting a MIOSM announcement in a local newsletter or paper. Share music education’s impact on yourself, your student, or your community.  

Sample News Announcement (editable)

 Electronic Media:

If print media is not readily available, electronic media is another viable option. Utilizing social media platforms to promote MIOSM can reach a wider audience. Take advantage of hashtags to connect members in your community or state for a common cause. Encourage your audience to share their own stories and connections to music education using the hashtag. NAfME will be using the #MIOSM and #MIOSM2022.