MIOSM — American Young Voices

Improve your students’ confidence and well-being by singing with Young Voices!


For the 2023 Music In Our Schools Month® (MIOSM®), National Association for Music Education (NAfME) is partnering with the Young Voices Education in Music Foundation and American Young Voices, which hosts the biggest school concerts in the world, to put more music in your students’ hands!


What is Young Voices and the YV Education in Music Foundation?

For 20 years, Young Voices has brought together over 1 million school students across the world to participate in unique educational events on a massive scale. The aim is to open students to the benefits of music for improved well-being, better health, and better education. As many of us know as educators, group-singing has tremendous physical and mental health benefits, including lowering levels of stress and depression, increasing community togetherness, and regulating heart rate. NAfME, American Young Voices, and the YV Education in Music Foundation believe passionately in inspiring the next generation to find their love for music and healthy self-expression — and we invite YOU to join us!

Our program connects students’ classroom syllabus with real world experiences in a unique community-based learning environment.


A performance that students will remember for a lifetime


In partnership with American Young Voices, the Young Voices Education in Music Foundation was formed to help underserved students and their schools engage in a layered music program that can be taught in-class or after-school. Every child deserves the opportunity to experience the positive mental health benefits and critical thinking skills an education in music can give, and the Education in Music Foundation partners with local communities to provide this at low- or no-cost to Title I schools. Learn more and get involved here.

How can my class get involved?

Get a FREE sheet music download, including a lesson plan, teaching aims and objectives that align with the 2014 Music Standards, and conductor notes through NAfME, or visit American Young Voices’ website for more information on their 2023 educational program and upcoming concerts. 

American Young Voices and NAfME

American Young Voices partners with NAfME to provide our members with free classroom resources for Music In Our Schools Month. In 2023, American Young Voices and the YV Foundation provided resources for “Take Time for Fun.” 

The classroom resources for “Take Time for Fun” are available for all schools at no cost and can be found below!