Music In Our Schools Month® (MIOSM®) Lesson Plans

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2022-23 Lesson plans for Kindergarten

Exploring Fingerplays and Birthday Songs (Lesson by Deborah Beninati)

2022-23 Lesson plans for 2nd graders

Rosie Darling Rosie” (Lesson by Stephanie Benischek)

2022-23 Lesson plans for 4th graders

Rhythm Keeps us Moving” (Lesson by Becky Halliday)

Navajo Freedom Song” (Lesson by Deborah Beninati)

2021-22 Lesson plans for 3rd graders

Sourwood Mountain” (Lesson by Stephanie Benischek)

Washington Post March” (Lesson by Ashley K. Peek)

How Are Composers Inspired? (Lesson by Deborah Beninati)

Music Can Be Found in Unusual Places (Lesson by Lindsey Schroder)

2021-22 Lesson plans for Kindergarten

Sounds All Around Us: Hear, Think, Wonder, MOVE!” (Lesson by Emily Maurek)

2020-21 Lesson plans for 4th graders

America the Beautiful” (Lesson by Kelly Hollingsworth)

The Carnival of Venice” (Lesson by Val Ellett Locke)

I Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round” (Lesson by Stephanie Benischek)

Jack Be Nimble” (Lesson by Deborah Beninati)

Jambo Sana, Jambo! Greetings in Many Languages” (Lesson by Emily Maurek)

The Stars and Stripes Forever” (Lesson By Ashley K. Peek)

2019-20 Lesson plans for 2nd graders

A Yodeling Song” (Lesson by Kelly Hollingsworth)

Choo Choo, I Gotta Hurry Home” (Lesson by Val Ellett Locke)

El patio de mi casa” (Lesson by Anne Fennell)

Moon Don’t Go” (Lesson by Jennifer Bailey)

Naranja dulce, limón partido” (Lesson by Anne Fennell)

Pole Pole” (Lesson by Jennifer Bailey)

2019-20 Lesson plans for 5th graders

Abiyoyo” (Lesson by Ashley K. Peek)

Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush” (Lesson by Bridget James)

Farewell to the Warriors” (Lesson by Stephanie Benischek)

Great Big House” (Lesson by Ashley K. Peek)

J’entends le moulin” (Lesson by Stephanie Benischek)

2018-19 Lesson plans for 1st graders

All Around the Green Apple Tree” (Lesson by Sara  Allen)

All the Pretty Little Horses” (Lesson by Ashely Peek)

Children as Culture Bearers (Lesson by Rob Lyda)

Duérmete mi niña” (Lesson by Rob Lyda)

Exploring Music and Movement of South Africa—The Tshigombela Dance” (Lesson by Sarah Watts)

Here Comes Uncle Jesse” (Lesson by Val Ellet)

John the Rabbit” (Lesson By Ashley Peek)

Macalililion” (Lesson by Val Ellet)

Mata Rile (Lesson by Sarah Watts)

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These lessons are provided as a service to the music education community. Links to videos and sound recordings in these lesson plans are not endorsements of organizations, people, products, or places. Lesson plan sound recordings may be obtained through Smithsonian Folkways or your favorite streaming platform. Copyright permission pending.