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We are pleased to announce that Tar River Elementary School’s Terra Tunes chorus received the most views of their video for the 2016 Concert for Music in Our Schools Month®! This year’s theme was “Music Inspires,” and these 48 students’ performance of “Enter with Singing” was truly inspiring. We applaud Terra Tunes and their exemplary music teacher Angela Mangum on this beautiful performance:

Rachel Allen

Jayla Gregory

Kendall Perry

Lindsey Autrey

Emma Haynes

Kirra Pollay

Luke Bennard

Jase Helms

Georgia Preddy

Aviana Bouffard

Zachary Hoffman

Kaylee Preddy

Carrie Brewer

Hannah Hogan

Joanna Sanchez-Tehandon

Ann Carroll

Ginny Holmes

Jolette Sapp

Cody Caudill

Savannah Jones

Jamy Sherman

Kylyn Dean

Emily Kago

Samuel Sirianna

Tara Dickinson

Jonathan King

Stephen Stein

Makensie Eason

Olivia Kuttles

Camden Stephenson

Ethan Edwards

Rebecca Long

Mackenzie Thompson

Angelina Fleischer

Ashley Mangum

Abby Weaver

Xaunyell Fuller

Layla McCain

Destiny Wilkerson

Madilyn Gerovac

Emily McClernon

Isaiah Williams

Isabella Geyer

Caroline Mooneyham

Rayna Williams

Cierra Gilmore

Bryson Parrish

Madalyn Yates


Thanks for participating in Music In Our Schools Month 2016!

Share your performances and classroom ideas with #MIOSM2016!

Thank you to Hal Leonard Corporation for generously donating the sheet music and audio tracks of the following songs for use by NAfME members during Music In Our Schools Month!


2016 Concert Repertoire

Celebrar el Dia

Dona Nobis Pacem

Enter with Singing | Lesson Plan

I Sing Because I’m Happy | Lesson Plan

I’ve Been to Haarlem | Lesson Plan

Imaginary Lines

The Moon

sheet music

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  • Debra Kay Robinson Lindsay

    Is the Request for Participation Certificate form valid for 2016? The date indicates 2014.
    Thank you for your update.

  • jenjenners

    Is there a link to last year’s videos as well?

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Jen, we are not able to share videos from last year’s concert due to privacy restrictions.

  • Doris Robinson

    The Moon The repeat on the top of page 3, measures 19 & 20–where do we repeat back to? The text and chord progressions don’t really make sense.

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Doris, for any questions related to the 2016 Music In Our Schools Month sheet music, please email Shannon Kelly: Thank you!

  • Janet H. Berry

    Hello, was just registering for my certificate and noticed the date is still 2015.
    Thank you

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Janet, thank you for letting us know, we will make sure to update the certificate date. If you have any other questions, please email: Thank you for participating in the Music In Our Schools Month Concert!

  • Luella B Pinelli

    Is there a date for the concert yet?

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Luella, schools are encouraged to sing all or any number of the 2016 Concert songs at any time during the entire month of March. The official date and time for The Concert for Music In Our Schools Month is the second Thursday of March at 1:00 PM EST.

  • Cami Van Rossum

    I sure wish there were materials available for BAND students to participate!!

  • Timothy Kuster

    Hello! My name is Timothy Kuster and I’m the Music and Arts Director for Mojave K-12 and Exec. Art. Dir of IDeA, a non-profit arts org, here in Mojave, CA. In honor of Music In Our Schools Month, my organization has created and is producing “Aire: the 1st Annual Recorder and Wind Festival” for our county on March 4th, for which we will host 200-400 3rd & 4th grade recorder students from 4 Elementary Schools to rehearse and perform a 12-noon concert. My first question is: How do I join your organization and get a participation certificate? My second questions is regarding the National Concert. Last year, schools were asked to submit MIOSM concert videos, showing how they are participating in MIOSM, which would then be tagged together for a national concert. Are you still doing that this year?

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Timothy, the deadline for MIOSM videos was February 12th, but you are welcome to still send them in. Here is the information regarding video submissions: You can request a participation certificate here:

  • Martha Heise

    is there a place and or link where we can find the broadcast on March 10th (that is the 2nd thursday)

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Martha, we do not live broadcast the Concert for Music In Our Schools Month. If you have any additional questions, please contact Shannon Kelly: Thank you!

    • Angela Mangum

      Martha, NAfME/ MENC used to produce a program called The World’s Largest Concert, where all of the music was performed by a featured choir, and clips of choirs from around the country were also shown. There was a full script with actors to engage the children, and even a student orchestra. This was broadcast on PBS. Several years back, it scaled back to a DVD that we could purchase. Then, a few years ago, it was scaled back again to schools submitting their own videos online. This also provided a neat opportunity to see and hear choirs sing an entire song, instead of just a short clip. You could have your students sing along with any of the choirs. Some schools even project the videos at their own concerts to create joint concerts. I am hoping that some of our wonderful music teachers from across the nation will submit videos of the missing 3 musical numbers, so students can still feel connected when performing those MIOSM songs.

  • Brandon Roeder

    At what time of the year do you release the 2017 songs (planning for next year!)