Tri-M Mixer – Part 1

For many years, the advisors of Tri-M Chapter #1, #458, and #737 (Maine East High School, Maine West High School, and Maine South High School respectively) have talked about bringing our students together for a mixer.  No high expectations, just a chance for our students to see that other Tri-M Chapters don’t exist. These types of events are very popular in New York and Ohio and sound like a lot of fun!

With a great deal of in trepidation, we’ve planned our first mixer.  The advisors set the date and agreed to split the cost of feeding the students.  We gave the officers from each chapter the other chapter’s contact information and asked them to plan an hour of activities for everyone.

Have you ever hosted or participated in a Tri-M Chapter mixer or inter-chapter event? Leave a comment and let us know how it went!

Tune in later to see photos and a recap of our mixer complete with what worked and what didn’t work so well!

Pat Barnett

TRI-M National Chair