Lowell Mason Fellows



Lowell Mason was born on January 8, 1792 in Medfield, Massachusetts.  At an early age, he showed an intense interest in music, and began to compose when he was very young.  Mason served as director of music at the Hanover, Green and Park Street churches, and as president of the Handel and Haydn Society in 1827.  In 1833, he co-founded the Boston Academy of Music, and in 1837 he taught music on a volunteer basis.  This eventually led to the inclusion of music as part of the regular curriculum of the Boston public schools in 1838.  Mason died on August 11, 1872 in Orange, New Jersey.

Designating an individual as a Lowell Mason Fellow is an ideal way to recognize them for their contributions to the field of music education. This distinction is considered by NAfME to be an important honor, designed for music educators, music education advocates, political leaders, industry professionals, and others who have contributed to music education in their unique way. Individuals may be named by anyone who feels they deserve this important recognition, but they may not submit a designation on their own behalf. Recipients will be honored by posting their photo and achievements on our website — a reminder for all of the Fellows’ dedication. Lowell Mason Fellow designations also provide an opportunity to support the efforts of the National Association for Music Education by a donation in the Fellow’s name. The $1,000 contribution that accompanies each designation goes to support future generations of music educators through the organization’s programs and resources. The donation serves as a direct reflection of the importance of the candidate’s contributions to music education, but does not guarantee their selection as a Fellow. Individuals or groups may fund Fellow designations. Click here for Application form.

Please submit designations with documentation and contributions to NAfME by May 1. For more information about designating a prospective Lowell Mason Fellow, please contact Kim Henry via e-mail, kimh@nafme.org or phone at 571-323-5893.

See a more detailed list of all Lowell Mason Fellows

2022 Fellows:

  • Ron Meers
  • John Stroube

2020 Fellow:

  • Kathleen Ohlman

2019 Fellows:

  • Raymond Doughty

2017 Fellows:

  • Frederick Burrack
  • Roger Hall
  • Kelly A. Parkes

2016 Fellows:

  • Jane Mell Balek
  • Edwin E. Gordon
  • Michele Holt
  • David Waggoner
  • Christopher B. Woodside

2015 Fellows:

  • Henry Leck
  • Marlynn Likens
  • Mary Luehrsen
  • James Mason
  • Glenn Nierman
  • Steve Schopp
  • Cecil Wilder

 2014 Fellows:

  • Judy Bowers
  • Natalie Ozeas
  • Kenneth Raessler
  • Richard Wells

2013 Fellows:

  • Daniel Deutsch
  • Marvelene Moore
  • Scott C. Shuler

2011 Fellows:

  • Weston Noble
  • Daniel Steele
  • Joseph R. Sugar

2010 Fellows:

  • Lynn Brinckmeyer
  • Florence Henderson
  • L. Scott McCormick
  • George N. Parks

2009 Fellows:

  • Michael Bates
  • Jere Fridy
  • Douglas W. Herbert
  • Fred Irby, III
  • Randolph Kummer

2008 Fellows:

  • Dan Acheson
  • Tom Batiuk
  • Joel Biggs
  • Larry Blocher
  • Sandra Dackow
  • Nancy Ditmer
  • Michael G. George
  • Sam Hope
  • Henry Juszkiewicz
  • Barbara Payne McLain

2007 Fellows:

  • Charles H. Benner
  • David Circle
  • William S. Marsden
  • Edgar Rooker
  • John Stoner, Jr.
  • Steven G. Trull
  • Davey Yarborough

2006 Fellows:

  • Greg Bimm
  • Leon Burton
  • Luis Haza
  • John Larrieu
  • David Marmel
  • James Moore
  • Bert Nelson
  • Fran Page
  • Frank Tracz
  • David Wells

2005 Fellows:

  • Arthur C. Bartner
  • Bob Bergin
  • Laura Bergin
  • Michael Blakeslee
  • Barbara Geer
  • Wynne J. Harrell
  • Ruth Ann Knapp
  • Charles T. Menghini
  • David Steinmeyer
  • Rich Taylor

2004 Fellows:

  • David Baker
  • Col. John R. Bourgeois
  • Robert Earle Buckner
  • Nora G. Burridge
  • Michael Davis
  • Sharon Dunn
  • Dennis W. Granlie
  • Paul Heid
  • Earl Hurrey
  • Robert H. Klotman
  • Col. Gary F. Lamb
  • Joe Lamond
  • Colleen B. Ramshur
  • Carroll A. Rinehart
  • Fred Rogers
  • Renee Westlake
  • Larry Williams

2003 Fellows:

  • Donald Corbett
  • Ray Cramer
  • Deborah Craven
  • Betty Ellis
  • John Feierabend
  • Willie L. Hill, Jr.
  • June Hinckley
  • Bill Larson
  • “Dr. Tim ” Lautzenheiser
  • Carolynn Lindeman
  • John Mahlmann
  • Dorothy A. Straub

2002 Fellows:

  • John Benham
  • Arnold Broido
  • Mel Clayton
  • Roy Edward Ernst
  • Louis Joseph “L.J.” Hancock
  • Wiley Housewright
  • Paul Lehman
  • Bob McGrath
  • Clifford Madsen
  • Don Robinson
  • Will Schmid
  • Himie Voxman