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Deborah A. Confredo Begins Term as National Association for Music Education National President, 2024–2026

HERNDON, VA (July 9, 2024)—On June 4, 2024, the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) welcomed the 2024–2026 National President, Deborah A. Confredo, as she begins her term. Deborah A. Confredo, Professor of Music Education at Temple University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), is a 44-year veteran music educator, a past Chair of the NAfME Society for Research in Music Education; Immediate Past Chair of the NAfME Music Teacher Profession Initiative (now the Music Teacher Profession Advisory Committee, or MTPAC), and co-author of A Blueprint for Strengthening the Music Teacher Profession.

Deb Confredo Portrait

Deb Cobfredo, NAfME National Preisident 2024-2026

In remarks to NAfME leadership and membership, she stated, “Every day we put on our teacher hats, we automatically pledge ourselves as fierce advocates. As advocates, we intentionally, systematically, and publicly support music education because it is that important. In all we do, we shine light on music’s value in the lives of all people and especially children.

“As advocates for music teaching and learning, we are committed to:

  • Elevating the voices of new and novice teachers and continuing our support of veteran music educators;
  • Furthering our commitment to state music education associations (MEAs) not just in words but in deeds;
  • Fortifying relationships with our current partners who are committed to advancing music teaching and learning:
  • Developing relationships with new partners—in business, non-profits, community members and leaders, family members, administrators and other educators—who are equally enthusiastic about our cause;
  • Furthering the focus of performance and engagement at all levels of participation, for all who participate in music learning

“My vision for NAfME is this: to serve as a caring, collaborative collective. We must be open to divergent thinking, act to bring people together, solidify our mission, and serve to curate, consolidate, and systematically examine ideas, plans, and put them into action.”

“This next chapter in NAfME’s book will focus on music program sustainability that goes beyond simply keeping the lights on but getting them to burn more brightly and longer,” Confredo stated. “We will look to improve structures to work more efficiently and effectively on behalf of all members. Interactions with and work on behalf of the leadership and members of state MEA affiliates are critical; they are the very essence of this association. We will continue to champion and advocate for large ensemble participation, while bringing that same level of support for additional meaningful and parallel musical experiences to broaden our reach. NAfME will continue to promote the unquestionable significance of systematic musical experiences in elementary and early childhood settings. We will look to create inviting and unfettered paths to our profession, which can be traveled by prospective music educators who, until now, may have felt disenfranchised. We will work tirelessly addressing the needs and concerns of music educators to inform and advance the profession. NAfME is committed to answering difficult questions through systematic, rigorous research, crafting our approaches to music teaching and learning to reflect the needs of all students, and cultivating the power of partnerships, knowing that, together with our associates, we can act more productively to bring about evolution in music education.”

About preservice and new music educators, Confredo urged, “Their voices must be strong in our collective as they are shaping the next steps in our musical world. They are, as an artist’s palette, alive with many unique colors, considerable cultural blending and differentiated abilities; they must have a seat at the table. We do this by daring to advance an agenda of reflection and revision in our music teacher preparation curriculum nationwide and recast the criteria for prospective music education majors.”

“The work is formidable, but this body is energized, driven, and powerful. And serving all must be our goal,” Confredo continued. “My vision for NAfME is this: to serve as a caring, collaborative collective. We must be open to divergent thinking, act to bring people together, solidify our mission, and serve to curate, consolidate, and systematically examine ideas, plans, and put them into action.”

“As a catalyst to move thought into deed, words into action, philosophy into behavior, my belief in and service to NAfME is unwavering,” Confredo added. “I will trust as I have been trusted, listen and act as those who came before me, and lead as I have been led with openness, humility, confidence, and optimism.”

“Every member matters,” Confredo continued. “I look forward to joining you in working to help others know that music education is essential to human existence. We will change lives one note at a time.”

Deborah A. Confredo has taught elementary, middle, and high school instrumental music in New York and Pennsylvania, and has been a music teacher educator at Illinois State University, University of Illinois, and Temple University. She has held membership with the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, the New Jersey Music Educators Association, and the Louisiana Music Educators Association. Learn more about Deb Confredo here.

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