Council for Music Composition

Robert Deemer, Chair (2018-2020 and 2020-2022*)
Dunkirk, NY

Eastern Division Representative
Stephen Shewan (2018-2020)
Dunkirk, NY

North Central Division Representative
Cynthia Van Mannen (2019-2021)
Traverse City, MI

Northwest Division Representative
Sheena Dhamsania (2018-2020)
Wilson, WY

Southern Division Representative
Bruce Hammel (2019-2021)
Richmond, VA

Southwestern Division Representative
Jeff Jordan (2017-2020)
Hays, KS

Western Division Representative
Alexander Koops (2019-2021 Reappointment)
Azusa, CA

Member-At-Large Representative
Daniel Deutsch (2019-2020 Reappointment)
Stony Brook, NY

Member-At-Large Representative
Andrew Martin Smith (2019-2020 Reappointment)
Fredonia, NY

Member-At-Large Representative
Miriam Cappellan (2019-2020)
Arlington, VA

*Robert Deemer ( Reappointment as Chair for 2020-2022)

NAfME National Executive Board Liaison: Leyla Sanyer

Terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of the year noted above.