Society for Research in Music Education™ (SRME)



Founded in 1960, the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Society for Research in Music Education™ (SRME) is composed of NAfME members who have interest in all aspects of research in music education. Membership is open to anyone who checks the SRME box when they join or renew their NAfME membership.    



The purpose of SRME is to encourage, support, and promote research as a vehicle for improving all aspects of music education. More specifically, we:

  • oversee the dissemination of research at the NAfME Biennial National Conference;
  • sponsor two research journals;
  • advise the NAfME President, National Executive Board, and other NAfME committees on matters related to research;
  • oversee the Special Research Interest Groups (SRIGs); 
  • honor a Senior Researcher; and
  • sponsor a research grant. 

More details can be found in the SRME Handbook.

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The Executive Committee

The governing body of the Society is the SRME Executive Committee (EC). The EC facilitates the purpose of the Society by providing leadership, guidance, and means for communication. Specifically, the EC collaborates with and advises the leadership of the umbrella organization, NAfME, on research-related matters pertinent to NAfME’s goals. The EC consists of nine members, elected for six-year terms. One of the nine members is elected to serve as chair for two of the six years.



The Journal of Research in Music Education (JRME) is the flagship, peer-reviewed research publication of the SRME. The mission of the JRME is to encourage, publish, and disseminate research of the highest caliber for the advancement of music teaching and learning. This peer-reviewed journal includes quantitative, qualitative, historical, and philosophical research relevant to national and international settings. The digital version is available to all NAfME members at no cost.

UPDATE: Applications of Research in Music Education  is a peer-reviewed research publication of the SRME that seeks to bridge connections between research and practice. Articles emphasize the interpretation and application of research findings in music education, avoiding the overuse of research terminology and jargon. This journal is available to all NAfME members at no cost.

For more information on NAfME’s Research Publication/Presentation Code of Ethics, click on this link.


Special Research Interest Groups

The purposes of the Special Research Interest Groups (SRIGs) are to (a) broaden the base of support for research in NAfME by actively involving members with specific research interests in the activities of the SRME, (b) provide a focal point for research specialties for both for researchers and for teacher practitioners, (c) provide a continuing source of qualified leadership for SRME, and (d) provide a vehicle for engagement among researchers with similar scholarly interests.


SRME/NAfME Research Grants

In the effort to support innovative research tackling important and timely issues in the field, SRME/NAfME award research grants once every two years.  SRME, in consultation with NAfME’s National Executive Board, puts out a call for research proposals on topics that are key priorities of NAfME’s leadership. Typically, two proposals are funded up to $10,000 each. The request for proposals is announced in October to all SRME and SMTE members, and also via this web page.


Senior Researcher Award

SRME/NAfME sponsors a biennial Senior Researcher Award to recognize a SRME member for significant, long-term contribution to research and scholarship  in music education.  Learn about Senior Researcher Award recipients.


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SRME Handbook
Code of Ethics