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NAfME believes research is a central component of the work of the association and our members. One of four building blocks of the Association’s Strategic Plan, Research is supported in our association by two Societies and highlighted at a biennial research conference.

The 2018 NAfME Senior Researcher is Dr. Harry Price.

Announcing Call for Collaborative Action Research Proposals for Amplify 2020

In 2020, the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) will bring together for the first time our national PreK-12 music education conference, our biennial music research and teacher education conference, and the NAfME All-National Honor Ensembles featuring students from across the nation. This gathering of educators, researchers, and students will provide an unparalleled opportunity for interaction, interconnection, and interdisciplinary learning among all conference attendees. Therefore, the committee is placing forward an early call for original collaborative action research proposals, in which higher education researchers and PreK-12 educators create proposals in partnership. 

Research on Music Education Issues

As part of an ongoing series of research projects that the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) funds, the 2016-2018 grants were awarded to study important issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in music education. View the final report from University of Connecticut researchers looking at barriers to entry into the music teaching profession. (October 2018)

Past Event:

2018 Biennial Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference
March 22-24, 2018
Atlanta, GA

The next biennial NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference will take place in Kissimmee, Florida, November 5–7, 2020.



The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Society for Research in Music Education (SRME) seeks to encourage and improve the quality of scholarship and research within the music education profession. The SRME consists of all subscribers of the Journal of Research in Music Education (JRME). Visit the SRME page to access information about the Journal of Research in Music Education,Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, SRME/NAfME research grants, Special Research Interest Groups (SRIGs), state research chairs, conference research, senior researcher award recipients, the SRME Handbook, the Code of Ethics, and the SRME Executive Committee.


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The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Society for Music Teacher Education (SMTE) aspires to 

  • Improve the quality of teaching and research in music teacher education.
  • Provide leadership in the establishment of standards for certification of music teachers.
  • Serve as an arm of NAfME in influencing developments in music teacher education and in the certification of music teachers.

Visit the SMTE website for the latest information and to access the Teacher Evaluation portal. Also read SMTE’s publication,  Journal of Music Teacher Education (JMTE)

Executive Committee of the Society for Music Teacher Education

Areas of Strategic Action and Planning workgroups of SMTE

Research Survey Assistance

NAfME provides a listserv research service to student and professional members who are engaged in survey research and whose applications are approved by the SRME Executive Committee. Members may be awarded one request every two years. Click here for more information.


Other Research News and Studies of Interest



Music Education Related Data Reports



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