MIOSM® and Advocacy

Welcome to the MIOSM® and Advocacy webpage. Below are resources and tips to gain support for music education during Music In Our Schools Month®.

How to Get a Resolution or Proclamation Passed

The passage of a proclamation or resolution in recognition of Music In Our Schools Month is a great way to bring public awareness to the importance of music education in our schools. To determine whether a proclamation or resolution is needed depends on the group or organization that you plan to work with. Click here for more information on getting a proclamation/resolution introduced.

Utilizing Media Platforms

 Utilizing print and electronic media to advocate for music education enables your message to reach a larger audience.

Print Media:

Flyers, newsletters, community or service organization bulletins, newspapers, and magazines are effective ways to engage your audience. Music educators, consider putting advocacy inserts inside concert programs:

Parents or Community members- Consider posting a MIOSM announcement in a local newsletter or paper. Share music education’s impact on yourself, your student, or your community.  

Sample News Announcement (editable)

 Electronic Media:

If print media is not readily available, electronic media is another viable option. Utilizing social media platforms to promote MIOSM can reach a wider audience. Take advantage of hashtags to connect members in your community or state for a common cause. Encourage your audience to share their own stories and connections to music education using the hashtag. NAfME will be using the #MIOSM and #MIOSM2023.