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State MIOSM® Chairpersons

March has been officially designated by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) for the observance of Music In Our Schools Month®, the time of year when music education becomes the focus of schools across the nation.

NAfME’s 52 federated state organizations (representing each state, the District of Columbia, and Europe) play an active role in the observance, securing governors’ proclamations, enlisting the support of chief state school officers, and establishing organizational structures to help reach individual music educators. MIOSM chairpersons with each state organization provide the major thrust for the MIOSM celebrations, with the goal of involving students, administrators, parents, civic groups, and community members. Please feel free to contact your state representative listed below. For those not listed, please visit the federated state associations page.


Alabama: Sarah McLendon
Arizona: Tara Kissane
Arkansas: Bart Dooley
California: Emma Joleen Schopler
Colorado: Becky Bradley
Connecticut: Jasper Bowman
District of Columbia: Joshua Krohn
European: Joy Morgen
Florida Jenny Abdelnour
Georgia: Vacant
Illinois: Sarah A. Bush Randolph
Indiana: Julie Plant
Iowa Vacant
Kansas: Patricia Ahern
Kentucky: Vacant
Maine: Nancy Curran
Michigan: Diane Mehringer
Mississippi Vacant
Missouri: Jennifer Patterson
Montana: Vacant
Nebraska: Stacy Bean
New Hampshire: Therese Davison
New Jersey: Vacant
New Mexico: General Music VP
New York: Scott Andrews
North Dakota: Denese Odegaard
North Carolina: Angela Mangum
Nevada: Vacant
Ohio: Katie Ferren
Oklahoma: Vacant
Oregon: Mark Jones
Pennsylvania: Chuck Neidhardt
Rhode Island: John MacDonald
South Carolina: Charles Masker
South Dakota: Kim Bruguier
Tennessee: Tiffany Barton
Texas: Robert Ball
Utah: Vacant
Vermont: Barbara Connelly
Virginia: Anna Moore and Marie Weber
Washington: WMEA
West Virginia: Kathleen Fox
Wisconsin: Kathy Bartling
Wyoming: Jessica Hodges