Recruitment Section from the Collegiate Handbook

The following techniques for membership recruitment are suggestions for the basis of NAfME Collegiate membership growth:

  • Start early. Before each school year ends, let all members know that their membership is valued and that their commitment to continued membership represents important and respected professionalism.
  • Activate membership at the end of the summer. Encourage members to go online after July 1 to activate their membership before school starts. This will ensure the receipt of all NAfME periodicals during the school year and will allow access to the NAfME Web site job postings through the summer.
  • Roll out the red carpet for freshmen. Prior to their arrival on campus, write to all freshmen and transfer students to welcome them into your music education program and invite them to join your NAfME Collegiate chapter.
  • Use school resources to recruit members. Have high school music teachers inform their students of the professional organization and ways to become involved when in college. Arrange to speak at meetings of Tri-M Music Honor Society® chapters at area high schools.
  • Hang welcome signs. Let both new and returning students know that your Collegiate chapter welcomes all students back to campus and to your chapter activities.

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  • Inform and publicize. Post publicity posters throughout the school and/or music department to let all students and faculty know the details of your membership drive, meeting schedule, major events, guest speakers, and regular activities (catchy phrases such as “Begin Your Profession,” “Don’t teach without us,” “If you are in music, you belong in NAfME,” “Music education needs Collegiates,” may be useful).
  • Set up an NAfME registration table. Staff a registration table with chapter officers and student leaders on campus during the first week of school. Keep the table open during specified daily hours.
  • Establish special registration times. Announce a special registration period before or after a performance when most of the music majors will be available.
  • Host a back-to-school party. Sponsor a party or reception during the first week of a new school year to enable students to renew friendships, meet new faculty, and set the stage for the coming year.
  • Retain members through personal contact. Follow up on former members who have not rejoined.
  • Explore non-traditional target populations during membership drives. Examples include students in music minors, military, and graduate studies.
  • Enlist the entire music faculty in advocating Collegiate membership. Ask the faculty to read announcements about your chapter in their music classes (faculty support sends a strong and powerful message to all students).
  • Have faculty members write letters of support. A greeting early in the year and a thank you toward the end of the year from a faculty member may have strong influence on a potential member.
  • Inform the administration and ask for their support. When students hear the dean, director, or department chairperson advocate the professional activity offered by your chapter, they notice that those at the top are supportive.
  • Relate chapter activities to the annual state conference. Many current teachers attribute their commitment to NAfME to the professional and social experiences they had as students during their state conferences.
  • Invite state, division, and national leaders to meetings. Ask state and district NAfME officials to present professional seminars that offer topics of special interest related to teaching careers and leadership opportunities.
  • Be enthusiastic. Chapter officers and advisors should project an image of excitement and commitment.
  • Maintain a professional image. Sponsor activities and meetings that emphasize professional development.
  • Evaluate potential leaders carefully. Early in their academic careers, attempt to identify students who might become chapter officers.