Council of Music Program Leaders

  • 2023 Colloquia remaining dates: May 25; August 24; October 25

music program leaders

Annamarie Bollino (2022-2024)
Fredericksburg, VA

Eastern Division Representative
Judith Hawkins (2022-2024)
Fort Washington, MD

North Central Division Representative
Lance Nielsen (2021–2023)
Lincoln, NE

Northwest Division Representative
Ann Medellin (2022-2024)
Portland, OR

Southern Division Representative
Christopher Moseley (2022-2023)
Richmond, VA

Southwestern Division Representative
Martha L. Gabel (2022-2024)
Olathe, KS

Western Division Representative
Scott Burgener (2021-2023)
Mesa, AZ

Member-at-Large Representative
Jared Cassedy (2022-2023)
Bedford, NH

Member-at-Large Representative
Shawn Chastain (2022-2023)
Wichita, KS

Member-at-Large Representative
Heather Katz-Cote (2022-2023)
Acton, MA

Member-at-Large Representative
Michael Stone (2022-2023)
Bakersfield, CA

Chair-Elect to be selected by President-Elect Confredo, June 2023

Terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of the years listed above.