Collegiate Advisory Council- Roles & Reponsibilities

Purpose The communities to be served within the NAfME Collegiate Advisory Council are fundamentally associated with a program of activities and membership in a manner unlike the other councils and societies. A programmatic structure is the best way to promote lifelong engagement with the Association and music education. NAfME Advisory Councils will provide expert, committed, representative leadership in supporting program efforts for college student activities.

Mission The mission of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Collegiate Advisory Council is to advance music education by promoting collegiate membership as a formal induction into the profession. (October 2011)

Goals      The Committee goals are a mutual and collaborative process among the NEB, National President, Chair, and Society and Council members. Goals for any time period should be consistent with the Association’s priorities as stated in the Strategic Plan and other board documents or statements. They must also be within the limits of the operating budget of the Association. Generally, the Chair and committee members will help the Association:

  • Act as a conduit for information to and from the board with regard to the interests and concerns of a defined group of members and, in doing so, foster and encourage membership among that group;
  • Increase involvement & enthusiasm for the Association among the relevant group of members and other constituents with like interests who may not be members;
  • Identify member volunteers.

Additional Responsibilities of the Council:

  • The Chair is to convene quarterly meetings with the entire committee (including the National Executive Board liaison) to discuss Council initiatives and seek input from each other.
  • The Council will respond and contribute to community discussions on Amplify, NAfME’s online community platform.
  • Reporting: Each Council will submit an annual written report on progress toward the council’s goals. This report will be submitted in time for dissemination to the National Assembly.