Council for Band Education- Roles & Responsibilities

Purpose To advise the National Executive Board and help serve NAFME’s large and diverse membership, NAfME formed Councils that address the needs of a subset of members within a particular range of interests and job assignments. NAfME Councils provide expert, committed, representative leadership for all key areas of music education.


Mission  The mission of the Council for Band Education is to share best practices, foster the growth of wind and percussion students of all ability levels, and provide materials to aid in band program success. (October 2011)

Goals:     The Committee goals are a mutual and collaborative process among the NEB, National President, Chair, S and C members, and assigned staff consistent with the Association’s priorities and within the limits of the operating budget of the Association. Generally, the committee will help the Association:

  • Increase membership
  • Increase involvement & enthusiasm for the Association
  • Learn more about the Association volunteer network
  • Specifically, the goals include those set in the Presidential Charges.


Responsibilities of the Council:

  • The Chair is to convene quarterly meetings with the entire committee (including the National Executive Board/NEB liaison) to discuss Council initiatives and seek input from each other.
  • The Council assists NAfME staff and the National Executive Board in the selection and nomination of various (annual) NAfME co-presented awards. Example: George Parks Award (October), US Army All-American Marching Band Army Core Values– Band Director Award (December).
  • The Council will support the All National Honors Ensemble Committee by submitting nominations for the Honor Band Director.
  • The Council participates in the review and ranking of session proposals for the National In-Service Conferences
  • The Council will work to provide awareness of Band Education research, topical items, and band events by providing content to NAfME’s website on a monthly basis. (The NAfME staff liaison will then post on the appropriate web page).
  • The Council will provide mentors to monitor the Band Forum on NAfME’s website from September – May of each year. Mentors can be assigned from within the Council or recruited from other qualified NAfME members in the Band community. Mentors are to answer forum questions or initiate dialog when forum activity is slow.




  • Membership in NAfME
  • At least one member of the Council will be an individual with expertise in teaching music education through technology. It is the responsibility of the Chair to name an individual with this qualification, if no such individual is among the Division appointees
  • Reporting: Each Council will submit an annual written report on progress toward the council’s goals. This report will be submitted in time for dissemination to the National Assembly.